Our events promote traditional crafts and the area's Viking heritage. If you have any queries about attending or putting on an event at Moorforge, please email the team at

Moorforge Music Sessions

Fri 1 Nov - Weybourne Chester Bingley

Fri 15 Nov - Mikey Kenney

Open music session, sometimes beginning with a featured performer, starting at 8pm on the first Friday of each month.

At the session, all are welcome to play, sing, speak, dance, or to simply watch and relax in the stunning Moorforge Viking Settlement. Cosy and intimate: open fire and great music in a unique viking age building. Please bring refreshments to eat, drink and share. A hat (or helmet) will also go round for contributions - please give generously, according to your level of appreciation and arousal.

Here at Moorforge we are a non-profit and you guys literally help keep a roof over the session. The best thing you can bring is a performance; but monetary donations, firewood and communal food & drink are all gratefully accepted.

N.B Moorforge is in a fairly remote site and, as such, can be subject to the intemperate whims of our beautiful Cumbrian weather. Please: wrap up and wear decent boots, take your rubbish away with you and be awesome to one another.

Moorforge Writing Competition Winners' Afternoon

1pm Sun 17 Nov

Performances of the winning entries from the Moorforge Writing Competition age categories: under 8, 8-11, 12-15.

Moorforge Writing Competition Winners' Evening

4pm Sun 17 Nov

Performances of the winning entries from the Moorforge Writing Competition 16+ age category. Featuring our special guest, Peter Fox, reading from his debut novel, The Shadow of Fenrir, the first of 5 books in The Wolves of Dumnonia series.

Lyre! Lyre! Cumbrian Christmas Songs & Stories

7.30pm Sat 14th Dec

Join Steve Wharton for a collection of songs, stories and poems for a Cumbrian Christmas. Tickets £7.50 adult, £5 kids (10+) payable on the night. Please message to confirm attendance to guarantee your place.

Camping is available at £5 per person OR you can reserve a sleeping berth in the longhouse or forge. These will be £10 per berth available from 1am to 12noon. (there are 4 in the longhouse) and as any regular Moorforge regular will know, they are not private. Think Viking youth hostel dorm :) The forge will also be available. Its sleeping platform at the back has space for two and is £25 for the night, available from 7pm to 12noon the next day.
Please message to reserve your place.