David Watson  

Real-life blacksmith and owner of Moorforge. With a zeal for early medieval buildings, his experience from projects around Europe lead him to build his own Viking-age forge. You can even join him for a day of knife-making.  

Terry Harvey-Chadwick  

Also known as Bjarni the Science Viking, the Cabbage Killer and many other monikers, Terry is an education specialist with a passion for things that go 'bang!', 'fizzle'  or 'spludge!'. Watch out for his Viking Education Days throughout the year.

Sigvard Erikson  

A seasoned Viking age re-enactor and maker of delicious mead! We're very happy that Sigvard has returned to his native area from The Black Country. 

Steve Wharton  

Host of the Lyre! Lyre! story events and project manager of the Moorforge Writing Competition. He can often be found at the Moorforge Folk Session brandishing ballads.

Susan McWilliams  

Historian with a passion for European and African culture. Sue also craft gnarled roots and branches into things of beauty.

Details about the rest of the Moorforge team will be here soon. In the meantime you could visit us onsite for our many events we have organised.

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